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FATCAT comparison of structures 1tcfA and 1a2xA

(Structure pairs with P-value < 0.05 are significantly similar. For explanation see help )
    These two structures are significantly similar with P-value of 1.08e-10 (raw FATCAT score is 378.31)
    They have 154 equivalent positions with an RMSD of 1.59Å and 3 twists .

    Detailed results:
    • FATCAT alignment file
    • Graph of FATCAT chaining result (postscript version )
    • Superimposed structures (a pdb file with structure 1tcfA and modified structure 1a2xA stored as chains A and B)
    • Transformation matrices for alignment blocks
    • Differential Distance Matrix Decomposition
    • Interactive viewer (structures, alignment, contact map)

The results are stored for one month(s)

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