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p-value (0-1)≤  opt-rmsd≤  align-len≥  gap(1-)<  opt-len(1-)≥

Query: d2f9ia1 (Code:..., Length:)    Database: (SCOP175_40)
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The list of structures whose structure alignments are with
opt_rmsd ≤ 3.5 and (opt_len ≥ 50 or opt_len covered at least 60% of the shorter protein)

(Hits are sorted by p-value and hits with p-value < 0.05 are significantly similar to the query)
no. structure code length score p-value opt-len opt-rmsd chain-rmsd align-lengapseq-ide(%)alignhomologs
Warning: no structure homologs are found for this query in current database. Please try a different criteria from the top form, such as, try a different database, enlarge p-value, leave others blank etc.

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